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Erection problems can occur due to genetic factors!

California scientists have found a link between the risk of erectile dysfunction and genetic polymorphism.

Erectile dysfunction is associated with certain concomitant diseases (diabetes mellitus or prostate diseases), and lifestyle-related factors (such as smoking and increased body mass index) are traditionally considered risk factors. As it turned out, genetic traits can also increase the risk of this condition.

Today to restore sexual health, there are many effective drugs on a natural and synthetic basis. The last group includes Kamagra. Kamagra 100 mg pills contains sildenafil, which has a direct effect on the reproductive system.

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The results were published this year. In the twin studies that were conducted back in 2004, scientists were able to establish that these violations can be associated with the patient’s genetics – a connection was noticed in a third of cases.

Researchers assembled a group of fourteen thousand men with a clinical diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. In addition, they were able to study the DNA of more than 200 thousand people.

The discovery that the gene was associated with impotence is extremely important for us because we can now say for sure that this disease has a partial genetic background. A similar conclusion allows us to search for other impotence genes and create drugs that interact with them.